Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I've had a terrible time with the TT4NZ gmail account Designers.  I just now received 5 emails that were sent to me on February 25th, and several Designers who I did indeed send a palette to never received it. 
Please - if you wrote to me and haven't heard back, PLEASE resend it!!

It's time to start spreading the news if you haven't been already by referring your fellow taggers to this blog.

Taggers can now see previews of the kits being donated by clicking up on the linkbar.
A running tally of the money being raised is on the top of the right sidebar.
News updates on the aftermath of the quake are also on the linkbar.
At this writing, we have 44 Designers donating kits, with occasional latecomers still coming in, so it's NOT too late to join us!  Remember - together we're making a difference.

Follow this blog to be kept up to date on all things TT4NZ related and see what YOUR
favorite Designers are doing to help.

~~Donate early so you can receive the kit the moment it's released~~

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