Tuesday, 8 March 2011


All kits are due to me today, so if you' haven't gotten yours into me as yet, 
now would be VERY good time lol.

I hope everyone is watching the donation tally moving up and up in the right side bar, as well as looking
over the previews in the navibar under the header of this blog.

If I've learned nothing by this project - other than the genorisity of the tagging community, it's that if you give a Designer a mission for a good cause, there's not much that will get in the way of them completing their task.

One of our Designers sadly lost her father - and got her kit to me before his services.
Another Designer was rushed to the hospital, and had her sister send her kit to me while she was undergoing tests.
And still another Designer is coping with a website crash, and has still promised me her kit will be delivered.

These Designers are delivering through their most difficult times,
will YOU deliver a donation to help the people of New Zealand?
I hope so.


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